News History

Discover rare and historic global news footage from the Reuters archive.

Visnews: 1957-1992 Gaumont Graphic: 1910-1934 Gaumont British: 1934-1959
Visnews Gaumont Graphic Gaumont British
The world’s first news agency to distribute daily news via satellite, began as the British Commonwealth International Newsfilm Agency (BCINA) in 1957. Gaumont Graphic began broadcasting silent newsreels in 1910 until the launch of Gaumont Sound in 1929, where it continued as its silent counterpart for smaller cinemas. Gaumont British News was first released in 1934. It celebrated the traditional aspects of the British life, such as royalty, sport and personalities.
Empire News Bulletin: 1927-1933 Universal Newsreel: 1930-1949 British Paramount: 1931-1957
Empire News Universal Newsreel British Paramount
The Empire News Bulletin was a silent newsreel launched in 1926 and was broadcast twice a week until mid-1930, covering social and political events. Universal News was the sound newsreel successor to Empire News Bulletin. By 1949, Universal News had been largely absorbed by Gaumont British News. British Paramount News was a sound newsreel that began in 1931 and provided a good mix of stories from America, British Royal life, features, and human interest.